Bull Elk - CCAPW5386-1

Bull Elk - CCAPW5386-1 - Animals
This male (bull) Elk is busy shoring up his cows as the rutting (breeding) season begins. During the rutting season these male animals become very dangerous, as they will attack you or other males of their species who may be a threat to their breeding territory. The picture was taken in Jasper National Park, Jasper, Alberta, Canada September 8, 2007. You can judge the age of the animal by the number of points on his antlers. When he runs through the forest, he tips his head and horns back over his shoulders, so the horns don't get caught in the branches. He grows a new set of horns each year. (Courtesy: R. Bauer photographer.)
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The Female Elk [Wapiti] - CAPW5405-1

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