Butter Churn - DSC-0013

Butter Churn - DSC-0013 - German-Russian Social, Cultural & Heritage History
“Das Botterfaus” is the GR word, (Norka-Volga dialect) for “Butter Churn”. The butter churn was used to make butter from cream after the farmyard cows were milked. If the cream was not the right “cool” temperature, it could possibly take upwards to 3 hours of constant turning of a handle as in the case of the smaller churns or a rocking back and forth as in the case of the butter churn you see in the picture above. Quite often these churns had to be filled with cold well water for several hours prior, to make sure the wood would swell up and keep the cream from leaking out of the churn. The cold water acted as a sealer on the wood and a coolant. The water was drained from the churn before the cream was poured into the churn. (courtesy:photo-Pioneer Museum)
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