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This is the 150 year of Canada since Confederation in 1867. On January 1, 2017 is the opening day for celebrations of Canada's 150th birthday. Up to this point, Canada had many different flags used. When Canada, as a nation, adopted it's own flag. prior to this, Canada used the Union Jack which is the flag of Great Britain. Then in 1921, Canada used the Canadian Ensign which carried the Union Jack in the upper left corner with the Canada Shield supported at the base by 3 green maple leaves in the center right on a red background. Officially on February 15, 1965, the Government of Canada adopted the current flag that we see above. "O Canada, our home and native land. True, patriot, strong and free, we stand on guard for thee." Many people have questioned "why?" we have used only red and white in our flag's colors. Why did we not include blue, like red, white and blue? Here is the reason. The 1965 the Flag Committee chose the official design for our new flag. They chose red and white because these were Canada’s official colors as granted by King George V in 1921. Red and white also happen to be colors associated with both the Kings of England and of France, the two European nations who “founded” Canada long before 1867.

"I salute the Flag, the emblem of my country and to her I pledge my love and loyalty. God Save the Queen." These were the words recited each day by many school children in many parts of Canada as the tribute to our nation's heritage to begin the school day.
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