“Die Schlomba” DSC-0017

“Die Schlomba” DSC-0017 - German-Russian Social, Cultural & Heritage History
Die Schlomba is the G-R Norka dialect word for “wool carding” apparatus. Wool carding is a process used by the early G-R ladies in cleaning and removing foreign objects from sheep’s wool before it could be spun into yarn. These hand-made carding units had grapple-hooks attached to a piece of board with a handle affixed to them. The lady would clean the wool by rubbing these units against each other as the dirt and foreign objects fell to the ground. Once the lady felt that she had done a good job, she used a knitting hook to peel back the wool. This gave her nice square pieces of wool that could now be made ready for the process of spinning into yarn. Also blocks of carded wool called, "batting" were used in making handmade bed quilts.
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“Das Spinrad” DSC-0038

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