Dowager Queen Mary

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Her Majesty Dowager Queen Mary wife of King George V, mother of King Edward VIII and King George VI. Queen Mary was famous for her choker pearls and diamond necklace. This arrangement suited her very well as she had a fairly long neck to allow her to wear this style of necklace. This looked very becoming on her and gave her a very regal appearance. King George V was the second oldest child of King Edward VII. His reign began 1910-1936. The older brother, who would have been the next king after his father Edward VII, died suddenly and the lady he was to marry was Princess Mary of Teck. When George V became the next in line for the throne, he then got married to Princess Mary of Teck. So in 1910, when George V became the king, his wife Princess Mary became the Queen Consort, Queen Mary. Queen Mary was the grandmother to our current sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II.
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