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Steps to Researching a Personal or Family Name “Life Story”

1 – Begin with an official request to us from a client, for a “Life Story” on their personal or family name .
Eg: personal name search, “John Robert Smith” or family name search, “Smith Family History”.

2 – A brief interview may follow.

3 – Consultant submits request to the various agents in the field.

4– Process for search has begun.

5 – After enlisting the services of fellow international researchers, the Consultant receives data from various agents around the world.

6– After a period of time, the Consultant begins to gather up, compile, reconstruct and write the Life Story as per original request.

7 – Consultant performs simple edits and re-writes.

8 – Consultant gathers up genealogy and pictures from the client.

9 – Consultant pulls together family history, genealogy and pictures into a logical format.

10 – Consultant assembles the entire research package and encloses this into a Client choice of a leather ring-bound book cover, distinctively boxed, with a color choice of either a hunter green, royal blue, crimson red or jetta black and then makes the formal presentation to the client.

The entire time period for this classic Family or Personal Life Story can take anywhere between three weeks to six months or more, depending on the complexity and availability of information on each specific family name or individual research project.

As to the cost of this project, it is NOT determined by waiting time for information, but on actual searching, compiling, editing and writing the specific Life Story. (There is no charge on data entry, typing, gathering or waiting around for incoming data). All research or writing a biography is performed around the “Bio Mapping Wheel” technique. This technique is a highly significant, detailed approach to producing “Life Histories” undertaken by accredited researchers in the field. Your consultant is trained and approved in producing your “Life Story”.

There is absolutely nowhere in the industry where such detailed investigation is undertaken. This type of family Life Story research is exclusive to our business and we are the only ones who can deliver such broad, exhaustive and meticulous examination in a pre-authorized way. We can discover, uncover and reveal the most exciting story to your family Life Story. If the information is available, we have it entirely covered, all exceptions are ruled out. These are very strong claims, but we can stick to them with every assurance. Each “Family Name Search” or “Personal Life Story” is registered and copyrighted as an authentic document.

Your “Coat of Arms”
When you order your personal or family Life Story, we can also search for your “Coat of Arms”. If and when, we find your family coat of arms or family shield, we will print this in beautiful color for a small additional cost.

A family Coat of Arms is a unique heraldic design that was once used by the Knights of old. The knights were soldiers of long ago. These knights were skilled and trained warriors who dressed in heavy metal armor when they went into battle.

Because these soldier knights wore protective helmets over their faces, the king would have the knight use his shield for recognition. This shield would indicate to the king who was on his side going into battle.

May be your family had a shield or Coat of Arms that tells you the story of their bravery, honor and political history about your family surname.
Order Your Coat of Arms from WCHF at the same time you are researching your Family History.

Three Styles of Life Histories
Western Canadian Heritage Foundation offers three styles of Family History Research, aside from the two-page political stories attached to each Coat of Arms. Each family history is very unique. The first one is: "The Genealogical Family History", the second is “The Classic Life History” and the third one is “The Heritage Life History”.

The Genealogical Family History
We can also produce a Genealogical Family History if desired, apart from the Classic Family History and / or the Heritage Family History. A Genealogical Family history is distinctively and uniquely designed to incorporate the complete genealogy and anecdotal records only, for all members of a specific family name and its' related members. This history includes the following genealogical charts:

Ancestors Chart
Generational Descendants Chart
Narrative Descendants Chart
Direct Line of Descendants Chart
Lineage Chart
Pedigree Chart
Individual Family Tree Chart
Chronological Report (for each individual)

There is a base cost to generate the charts and create the Genealogical Family History. The price includes the distinctive leather bound 3-ring boxed binder. There are only two additional costs for this history. One, is the number of printed parchment pages produced for each family Chart; while the second cost is for the acid-free see through plastic sleeves. The sleeve is used to protect the document from finger prints and deterioration.

The Classic Life History
The “Classic Life History” consists of 12 hours of research time. Fundamentally, it is a basic, grass roots research employing the Bio Mapping Wheel. Each family history uses the same approaches as the sophisticated “Heritage Life History”. The major difference is that this research covers the core study of the fourteen spokes in the Bio Mapping Wheel, except that it is limited in hours and detail of research time and therefore the extent of coverage of the history is restricted. It does, however, bring into focus the biographical facts of an individual or the family name history. Once the twelve hours of research time have been used up, it may then be necessary to dig deeper at a slightly extra cost, if required. This style does have some extra charges attached to it. Nevertheless, it is a great way to have your individual or family name history researched.

The Heritage Life History
The “Heritage Life History” is the ultimate in personal name or family history research. It consists of 15 hours of research time. It is a phenomenal record of both the individual and / or family name history. Results of this style, produces a full size document large enough to fill a book length manuscript completely researched and written for you, exclusively. Each individual or family name history employs the same approaches as are used in the Bio Mapping Wheel of 14 different categories available to the researcher. The construction model covers an all-inclusive detail of every aspect of the human dimension for the study of that individual and /or family name history.

Each “Heritage Life History” comes with a very extensive and comprehensive in-depth coverage of the inner persona of that individual or the name of that family being examined. The researchers get inside the life and limb of each person or family name in a most precise and articulate way. The researchers are also trained to fully examine the inner workings of the mind, character and personality of that specific person and family name. Every social, cultural and psychological attribute is investigated, analyzed and respectfully observed. Every piece of evidence or fact discovered is treated with the greatest care, trust and the utmost of confidence and regard for human dignity and compassion. No single story is expected to depreciate or devalue the integrity of that person or family being researched.

On the other hand, every story is treated in fairness and openness presenting essentials with truth and legitimacy. No shred of fact or evidence revealed is intended to demean, minimize or exploit the person or family name under examination. Although every story will have its' own unique, individual idiosyncrasies, it will therefore be necessary to respect these eccentricities. All information is supported to the highest level of honor and excellence.

The intent of WCHF or its’ researchers is not to defame or inflate the totality of each documented history. In all styles reality of life must prevail, while fabrication is not allowed nor does it have any place or value in whole of the researched document. In each of the three styles, the work is guaranteed to be truthful and reliable, leaving little or no doubt as to its accuracy and authenticity.

Contract Required:
Due to FOIB laws, each client, requesting a documented research in either of the three styles, is expected to sign a contract giving WCHF permission to pursue this project on their behalf. The client should bare in mind that only one copy of this document is produced which becomes the sole property of that client; whereas if a book were published then many copies would be made available. This document is not a published work, it is a solitary, single copy exclusive for the private use of the client who requested this research.

We can write your book for you.

Yes, we are experienced at ghost writing your book! We research your family Life Story, prepare the book-length manuscript, locate a publisher, produce and print on demand 3 different sizes of a book containing 200 pages or less, and add in 30 FREE book copies for your personal use. We also include, locating a distributor, if requested. Best of all, we secure the copyright for your book title in your name as the author. A total service!!! As this is a book published, therefore, many copies are produced for the purpose of the author's needs and re-sale requirements.

Be sure to contact us today and get published, now!

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