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The first Hope German Reformed Church in Stony Plain was a log building located 2 miles north of the town of Stony Plain along what is today Highway 779 on the left side going north. The church could seat about 50 people. Parishioners sat on wooden chairs. The interior was very simple with a raised platform at the west end of the structure. The furnishings were also very basic with a pulpit, communion table and a single chair for the pastor to sit on. A reed organ was used to supply the music and it stood in front of the church as well. The outside roof of the building had roughly cut slabs from the logs used in the construction of the church. The building had a pot-belly stove that was located in the center of the building to heat with. The logs on the inside were plastered with mud and dung mixed in straw and whitewashed with calcimine. The building was constructed in 1898 and served as the church until 1912, when the second church was built by the pioneering German-Russian immigrants. (courtesy: pencil drawing-Reuben Bauer)
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