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Great West Door - Royal London Tour
As I came through the Great West Door of the Abbey, I could not help but feel the emotion of how the monarchs of the past, such as Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI and our present Queen Elizabeth II must have felt the surge of emotion after leaving the Abbey from their coronations to the sound of the trumpets and the choir of the great church and the thunderous applause and cheers of their subjects in and outside. Very majestic!! I am sure they must have felt the grace and favor of God. After leaving the Abbey, I was standing in "awe" and wonderment about all that I saw and experienced inside this magnificent church. Remember this church dates back to the year 965 A.D. Just think this church was 100 years old when King William I. Duke of Normandy came upon the scene and all monarchs since were crowned here right to the present time. Not only was I standing on "holy" ground but also on the rock of all the ages past!!!
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