History of Jesus Christus

History of Jesus Christus - German-Russian Social, Cultural & Heritage History
“History of the passions, deep suffering and death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”a translation of the title of this book by Johann Cunrad Derr, 1776. This book is an example of the type of historical publications that were hidden in granaries to preserve the cultural and religious heritage of the G-R’s from the infamous Joseph Stalin in Russia. Age-old books like this were well preserved in this manner by hiding them inside of the grain. Here these books were kept dry and free from rodents which would otherwise of destroyed these books. Here to, were kept the genealogical histories of the German-Russian families. The church records of births, deaths, marriages, baptisms and other vital statistics were well hidden and preserved in these granaries for decades, prior to, during and after World War II and recently discovered and uncovered in most all of the 103 German colonies scattered throughout Russia. (courtesy: Lois Pempeit)
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