H.M. Queen Consort

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The late, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother is now been sited as having been the oldest member of monarchy of all the monarchial personages. Even at the age of 100, she still had a glint and sparkle in her deep blue eyes. Her personal common touch made her the "darling of the empire" and later the British Commonwealth of Nations. In this photo print, Her Majesty is wearing the ribbons of her late husband, King George VI and her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II and the blue sash and Star for the Order of the Garter of which she was made a member when she and her husband were crowned in 1937. The Order has a very limited membership. A copy print of this portrait was given as a gift to the Queen Elizabeth Swimming Pool in Edmonton, Alberta by Reuben A. Bauer as the chairman of the Monarchist League of Canada. (photo courtesy Reuben A. Bauer to the WCHF Museum)
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