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This is the original building constructed in 1912 by the Hope Congregation of the German Reformed Church in the district of Glory Hills about 2 miles north of Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada. The original builders of this church and the congregation were settlers to the community from the village of Norka, Saratov, Russia. Many of the original immigrants began arriving as early as 1889. They established a small log church in about 1890 a half mile south of the present old church building. They were supplied by various pastors that were not directly connected with the Synod of the German Reformed Churches in the United States. However, it was on May 17, 1908 that the congregation was founded and established (gegreundet). This present building pictured here had the cornerstone laid in the NE corner near the front steps in early Spring of 1912 and building construction began at that time. Many of the immigrating peoples of Volga German-Russian descendants, who had arrived here to this point in time, began with the construction. The original church building was raised and placed on six-foot stilts,while members of the congregation used fresno (earth moving blades to dig out the dirt from under the building. The fresnos were harnessed to horses from a distance to remove the underground. This operation was done in 1927. The church building was then lowered onto a cement basement wall, allowing for a full church basement used for Sunday School classes and dining area. The parsonage, to the left in this picture, was across the roadway. It was built in 1914. The original church building presently exists, while the house is gone. Today the location of this church is at the intersection of two major roads, Highway #779 (N/S alignment) and Highway #16 (E/W direction). Reference to picture # JRB3248 see under the heading ALBERTA HISTORIES (Church Histories) Hope Reformed Church
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