Inside the Abbey

Inside the Abbey - Royal London Tour
Once inside the Sanctuary of the Abbey, my wife and I had the wonderful pleasure of standing in front of the High Altar, where just a few months previous, Prince William and Kate Middleton exchanged their vows. We could not walk any further than the flight of four steps leading up to the Altar, as the floor is covered in glass to protect the tiny inlaid bead work which are the size of your thumb. The inlaid creates a very gorgeous pattern in the floor. As we paused their to say a prayer for God to Bless the nation and the future of the monarchy, we felt a divine peace. It was a hallowed moment! As we raised our heads and gazed once more upon the High Altar, we felt the presence of all past history where God has been glorified and praised by the highest and noblest of kings and queens for a thousand years. For a single moment, we could in our mind hear the church bells ring out and the great choir raising their voices in hallelujahs!!! It was truly a crowning moment, never to be forgotten. (This photo not for sale)
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