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Nickolaus Bauer documentary is now completed and available for purchase. This historical certificated document traces the history of Nickolaus's forefathers back to 1690 and further back into Germany around the 7th-century, as well as the origin and beginnings of the Bauer family name. The biography of the Bauer family name traces the full accounts of the social, personality and character of the family along with their unique traits, physical appearance, distinctive qualities, behavior, anthropological and psychological make-up. The biographical story also includes the complete genealogical information in great detail with birth, deaths and marriages. This documented history includes hundreds of rare historical images. The presentation is bound in a boxed leather-bound 3-ring binder produced in Germany, and released as a rare, single, unpublished reproduction as the only one of its kind. This classic history is unique in itself and may not be found duplicated anywhere in the world. It is not available in bookstores or libraries. It is the only authenticated record on the Bauer family and name registered manuscript. It must be ordered through this web site. Please contact : Western Canadian Heritage Foundation for details and pricing.
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