Mass Weddings

Mass Weddings - German-Russian Social, Cultural & Heritage History
Among the German-Russians mass weddings were a common occurance. By that is meant that anywhere between 12 or more couples had their marriage blessed by the priest or pastor of the church at a given time. Since one pastor or priest looked after several churches in his charge, it was necessary to save time for the clergyman to perform these all at the same time. This usually took place between the months of February to April. The same was true for baptisms. Whereas funerals had to be conducted within 2 or 3 days of the death. In the absence of the clergy, the headmaster or school teacher was given the authority to perform the funeral service. The weddings were frequently conducted on a Saturday, but never on Sunday to Friday. Sunday was strictly reserved for going to church to worship and midweek days were reserved for working in the fields and doing conventional duties.
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Peter Henkel

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