Norka German Reformed Church Interior

Norka German Reformed Church Interior - Churches (German-Russian)
This was the interior of the Norka German Reformed Church, Norka, Saratov, Russia. The magnificence of the interior, so beautifully captured in this painting by Michael Boss, gives us a clearer understanding of the dignity and sacred surroundings which sets the mood for an awesome place of worship. Note the seating arrangement commonly practiced in the Volga German churches. Men on the left and women and children on the right of the main floor, while the second floor held the choir voices featuring the great pipe organ. Prominently down front was the choir director, holding up the tuning fork, is obviously poised in leading the congregation and choir in a majestic resounding chorus, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”, just before the renowned preacher, Rev. Wilhelm Staerkel, delivers his powerful, all-consuming sermon from the suspended pulpit. Please note the use of the high pulpit in the church, a typical feature among the protestant churches. [This print is for sale with permission from the artist] Please email for details.
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