Old Favorites of the German-Russian Recipes - Volume 3

Old Favorites of the German-Russian Recipes - Volume 3 - Heritage Books Canada
Cover: Soft
Price: $15.oo for 1 book, $25 for 2 books and $30 for 3 books, plus $10.00 for shipping. Size: 5.5 x 8.5
100 Recipes in each book, fully indexed.
This recipe book is a collection of simple, traditional, old-fashioned recipes of the German-Russian people as they used them in their homeland of Russia. German titles with English translation. The ladies brought with them their good food recipes to North America. Many generations since those early migrants are now using these simple foods and many of these are now used as gourmet delights. Besides each of the recipe books has in it the uses of cinnamon and honey for medicinal benefits, as these were often used in curing many common ailments and sicknesses. The ingredients are easily accessible in food stores or they can be created from scratch.
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