The Heritage Foundation Policy Statement

06th May 2016
The Western Canadian Heritage Foundation uploads pictures depicting people, places and things to this on-line website for the purpose of providing information and research, creating appreciation and enjoyment for individuals interested in current and past western Canadian history and other forms of genealogical and family histories.

It is also the policy of the Western Canadian Heritage Foundation that all pictures pertaining to portfolios in this on-line website, will only remain for viewing for a specified period of time. It is therefore necessary to periodically remove either whole portfolios or individual pictures within these portfolios, from viewing in our on-line Gallery. New portfolios are planned for, replacing the existing ones and creating new ones, to maintain freshness and interest for the viewing public.

Due to the available size of our gallery, additional costs of enlarging the gallery capacity, prepping time of images displayed, and the cost of digital storage capability places a need for re-evaluation on our objectives. As all of this work is being accomplished voluntarily, it is necessary to follow our original mandate of collecting, restoring, preserving and exhibiting for the interest of the general public by upgrading our facility to bring revisions to our collections.

Straight monetary donations are welcomed. In the case of requests for photo images, from our collections, will not be sold, but monetary donations will be accepted in exchange for the photo image requested. By accepting your donation in this way, will support the on-going work of the Foundation and future collections being shown on this website. The size of such donations is determined by the donor. However below each photo image we show a basic dollar value tag attached to each photo image as a suggested guide. On the other hand, if a donor wishes to give more than the suggested amount, then we will graciously accept this with much gratitude.

In case you are wondering what will happen with images that are removed from on-line viewing, they will be digitally retained by the Heritage Foundation and stored for future reference. All is not lost. The Foundation is committed to the process of collecting, restoring, preserving and public showing in some capacity, either on-line or as a traveling hardcopy exhibit at physical museums elsewhere. The Heritage Foundation is dedicated to its primary purpose of making this past and present history of the Canadian west available through this website. Museums are therefore, encouraged and invited to get in touch with us to make arrangements for these physical hard-copy displays to be showcased in their area.