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Reuben Bauer, as a Canadian historian, has researched, compiled, written and published a source book on the lives of immigrant people that would otherwise have been lost to posterity. He skillfully traces the history, an authentic regional history, about that which has been much neglected by other professional historians. Moreover, he goes to the source of who they are: in these accounts of adventure, pioneering, discovery and memoirs ... he touches on the initial experiences that shaped the emergence of immigrant people into making their way in a new land of Western Canada. He colorfully captures the endurance, the sense of community, the outrageous suffering and the contagious optimism ... he superbly portrays these incredible qualities in a most dramatic style of the frontier life which is quickly disappearing.

This heartwarming book is a marvelous biographical portrayal in words and images. Reuben, through his exceptional style, has, achieved writing an historical record that few can dispute. He has spent much time and energy in tracing the footprints that mark the pathway for a life story of people through voluminous interviews and massive research. Ultimately, he captivates the dedication and courage of Galician German immigrants that finally came to settle on the Canadian prairie west.
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