Peter Henkel

Peter Henkel - German-Russian Social, Cultural & Heritage History
Peter Henkel of Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada operated a trucking business in the area from about 1920's to the 1940's. He transported horses, cattle, pigs, sheep to the slaughter house in Edmonton on a weekly basis. He would take these animals to market where they were weighed in and the price paid by the marketing agent. Mr. Henkel then paid the farmer for the sale of the animal and he would keep a percentage for his hauling service. The price the marketing agent paid was approximately 12 cents per pound on dressed weight. Peter would retain his percentage of about 2 cents per pound for his hauling service and reimburse the farmer with the balance. These prices per animal varied depending on the type of animal sold and the weight thereof. Peter is standing on the left close to the driver door.
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