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State Rooms - Royal London Tour
Once inside the palace, we were treated to one of the most spectacular scenes that I could only have dreamed about in my entire life. A visit to eleven of the fourteen Staterooms of the Palace was awesome. I was totally overjoyed. Because all my life I have seen and collected pictures of the Royal Family standing or seated in these rooms for formal photographs which I have in my collection. Now.... for me to have the rarest privilege of actually being in these very same rooms which I could only have imagined, was unbelievable. Hallelujah!! There are many misconceptions about where the Royal Family actually live in the palace. It must be made clear that the State Rooms that we saw are not used by the royals as living quarters. These rooms are used only for state occasions and a place where the monarch entertains official visitors and guests. Members of the Royal Family have their own private living quarters, which are not visible to the public, nor would I expect that to be. An additional fact I learned was about the Queen's entry into the staterooms when guests are present. The Queen emerges from behind a movable giant picture into the room upon the occasion of a single guest and never through a doorway. However when there are many guests present she emerges into the room through the doorway. That was interesting. (This photo not for sale)
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