The Duma

The Duma - German-Russian Social, Cultural & Heritage History
The “Duma” was the equivalent, in part, to the British or Canadian parliamentary structure, at least in appearance when it was instituted. This was an initial attempt for Russia and the Czar, to give a form of monarchial, democratic government structure to the masses of the Russian people. Unfortunately, it came too late, to make a difference, as social reform was gaining momentum, but in the wrong direction. In this rare historical photograph, depicting His Imperial Majesty, Czar Nicholas II, as he is reading the “Speech from the Throne” to the assembled lords and ladies of the Russian nobility in 1907. In this magnificent setting, the Emperor’s state robes are draped over one end of the Throne chair and the Imperial crown resting on a nearby table to the right side. With pomp and ceremony, the Czar stands on a plush carpeted dais under the red and gold encrusted canopy, with the Imperial Coat of Arms super imposed on a royal blue backdrop. As the Czar officially addresses the Duma under an array of glittering lights, shining armor and sparkling jewellery, this formal event was heralded as an outstanding social event of the year. Off to the right side of the Czar are members of the Russian Royal Family attending this formal occasion. In the foreground are the lords and ladies of the Imperial Russian Royal Court. Also present at this event were the Bishops and clergy of the Greek Orthodox church of which the Czar was regarded as the formal head. What a magnificent setting! If this and some immediate social changes could have taken place sooner, who is to say that Russia might have taken a different turn on the world stage for social and political reform.
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