The Giraffe - NNA1296

The Giraffe - NNA1296 - Animals
The giraffe lives in central and southern Africa. The animal is really quite vulnerable as it cannot maintain a heavy chase. Nevertheless, a lion is cautious in it's attempt to attack a giraffe, with one kick from a giraffe it can crush the lion's skull or brake it's back. The gestation period is 15 months. The males are bigger by size and heavier by weight than a female. Both male and female have horns or knobs on their heads. You can distinguish a male with no tuft of hair on top of his horn, while the female does. They live to be 25 years in the wild. They are a social animal. No laws to protect them in the African countryside. The survival rate for the young baby animals is only about 25%. Because it is the tallest animal in the world, it can easily reach foliage in tops of trees unlike any deer or cattle to which family it belongs. The giraffe is hunted for its hide, hair and meat by humans and other animals of prey in Africa. The giraffe is extremely vulnerable to attacks from animals of prey, especially when it goes to drink water from a stream. When it bends it's neck down, it does so by spreading its' front legs far apart in order to reach the water. At that point it needs to make several attempts to brings it legs back together before it can run and escape. The animal is not native to the Canadian landscape and found only in a zoo or North American wildlife park. (Photo: R. Bauer)
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