The Imperial State Crown

The Imperial State Crown - Royal Heritage Collections
This Crown is worn by the Sovereign on State occasions, such as the Opening of Parliament, etc. It was made in its present form for Queen Victoria and has been altered on each occasion so as to fit the successors to the Throne. Many historic gems are set in this Crown. Amongst these are the Black Prince's Ruby, the Stuart Sapphire, a Sapphire said to have been set in the Coronation Ring of Edward the Confessor, Queen Elizabeth's pearl earrings and one of the Stars of South Africa. There are 3,095 pearls and precious stones in this Crown. I have seen this Crown and several others used by the kings and queens of Britain at the Tower of London while in London this year. This crown and the other crowns, including the Queen Mother's Consort Crown and the crown worn by Queen Victoria are absolutely magnificent.!!! This particular crown is often referred to as the "working crown", meaning that it may be used on a daily basis for state functions, while St. Edward's Crown is used only to crown the monarch at the time of the Coronation.
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St. Edward's Crown

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