The Prairie Buffalo [Bison] - CAPW6295-1

The Prairie Buffalo [Bison] - CAPW6295-1 - Animals
The Buffalo (bison) male (or bull) weighs in at approximately 3,000 lbs. They are majestic animals. At one time, millions of these animals roamed the prairies of Canada and provided food for the North American native people. At the coming of the European explorers, buffalo herds diminished as more settlers moved in. Today, you can only see the buffalo in national parks, such as this one, or they are being commercially raised for meats, as a substitute for beef. Unfortunately they cannot roam freely like they once did. The food value of the bison is considered to be lower in fat, high in protein and very low in cholesterol. Buffalo Burgers and steaks are a real treat in specialty restaurants. Some interesting additional facts about the buffalo is that under his chin he has a hairy beard that is made up of muscle. He uses that beard to brush away the snow to get at the grass to allow him to forage for grasses in the deep snow. (Photo Courtesy: Reuben Bauer collection)
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