The Prairie Gopher - CCOA3884-1

The Prairie Gopher - CCOA3884-1 - Animals
The "Gopher" common to the western Canadian Prairies, is also known as the Richardson Ground Squirrel. The gopher, a very curious animal, is easily a target for birds and animals of prey. Another name given to this animal is the "prairie dog". The sound it makes is that of a whistle. In the early days of the Canadian West, young school aged boys, especially in Alberta and Saskatchewan, were encouraged to help get rid of the animal by shooting or trapping them. To encourage this process, the provincial governments of that day, paid boys and adults alike, the grand sum of 5 cents a tail. Through our research we discovered that some entrepreneurs would split the tails in two and very cleverly conceal this action and doubled their money intake. Money was scarce in those days and you did what you did to raise capital for yourself, as any shrewd businessman would do. (Photo courtesy: Reuben Bauer)
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