The Queen's Gallery

The Queen's Gallery - Royal London Tour
In the Queen's Gallery are displayed many magnificent paintings that Her Majesty has acquired directly or have been collected by previous monarchs and handed down in the family. This painting of Queen Victoria and her handsome husband, Prince Albert was painted by Winterhalter. No less at this time you as a visitor to my gallery of this trip to the Royal London Tour must be wondering how I managed to get these pictures when my camera was sealed. May I remind you that I did nothing illegal here in obtaining these photos of the Staterooms while all other photos in this description are my personal property. A very good friend supplied these Stateroom photos for this website only which are not for sale. As I am the Chairman of the Monarchist League of Canada, Edmonton and Northern Alberta Branch, I was permitted to use these photos only for the sake of clarifying to my website visitors about the beauty and splendor of the palace. (This photo not for sale)
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Rear View of Buckingham Palace

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