The Ring-necked Pheasant

The Ring-necked Pheasant - Birds
A healthy pheasant with access to sufficient cover can withstand blizzards for two to three days, relying on only body fat for energy. This bird is related to the chicken family of birds. Both the hen and rooster rely on grains and also eat weed seeds, which are high in protein. Sunflower and fox tail seeds are another snack of choice. As the weather gets cooler, the pheasants huddle where the grub is good. Corn fields, wheat fields, weedy areas and wetland margins are preferred areas. As the season progresses to get colder, they move towards thick cover trees, bushes for warmth and protection against cold winds and snow. Hens have less of chance to survive because of the body size and less resistance to cold. The male is bigger and has more chance of survival. The male pheasant is the bird being hunted for a good feast by humans. Male birds of this species are very colorful and showy, while females are dull in color and less obvious. The pheasant is commonly found in the western Canadian provinces. (courtesy: Alberta Conservation Society)
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Male  Female Pheasant

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