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All of us can learn so much more about our family history by simply starting your genealogy with yourself first off. Don't worry about the thousands of relatives out there. You will get to cover them as you go along. Before you know it you will have so many responders eagerly wanting to get into your genealogy research that it becomes overwhelming. Reuben Bauer is a professional genealogist and researcher ready and able to help you in developing your family tree. He is also enthusiastic about doing a complete biographical history of your "Family Name History". This family history is very comprehensive and much desired for future reference. Be sure to give him a phone call at, 780-962-3002 and tell him that you would like a complete genealogical and bio-mapping history or better still, email him at the following website: He will be glad to discuss your request with you at no extra cost.
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Researching Family History

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