The Young King

The Young King - Royal Heritage Collections
This quiet, unassuming monarch was frequently left speechless after he became king in 1937. Much to his surprise, fear and frustration, he took on the role and leadership of king with trepidation. In himself, he had doubts about his ability and heavy responsibility, but through it all, for seventeen years he held court at Buckingham Palace as one of the greater monarchs that Britain and all the British Empire and its member nations, like Canada, have ever seen. At the end of his reign, King George VI was given the title by his subjects, as "George the Good", a wonderful man, a great father to his two beautiful daughters, and an honourable husband for his lovely wife and queen consort. On February 6, 1952, he peacefully passed away in his sleep. Although he was ill, his sudden death was not expected. This was a great shock first to his family, the nation, the empire and to Canada. Our beloved King was dead, God save the Queen. (Photo print courtesy of Reuben A. Bauer - to the WCHF)
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