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Their Majesties, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on the steps of the Canadian Parliament Buildings in 1939. His Majesty had just addressed both Houses of Parliament (the Senate and House of Commons) in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, and then he took the royal salute outside on the steps of the Canadian Parliament Buildings. The King in the full dress uniform of Field Marshall of the Army, while Her Majesty wearing the pearl and diamond encrusted embroidered coronation dress with a fur stole and cape complete with the diamond coronet. This print of their Majesties is perhaps one of the most celebrated pictures of the royal pair in the collection of Canadian photographs. They both appear very regal and sophisticated, but never removed from their loyal subjects. Both, the King and Queen, are wearing the blue sash and star emblems of the highest and oldest Order of the Garter created in the years of the 1200's. In this resplendent picture, their Majesties are emblematic of being the King and Queen of Canada. Print size is 24"x36" and is part of the collection loaned to the WCHF Museum.
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The Royal Family-1939

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